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When I was thirty-three, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After I finished treatment, I wanted to do something to help others who faced the same battle, so I created an organizer to help guide cancer patients through treatment.

With encouragement from another Pastor's wife, who was also diagnosed with cancer, my husband and I authored a gospel tract designed to reach those who are hurting.

With these two tools, the Medical Records Organizer (MRO) and the Cancer Tract, my husband and I have been able to minister to several people, both saved and unsaved.

The goal of this ministry is to make the MRO available to cancer patients through local Independent Baptist Churches. A comfort to saved church members, the MRO can also be used to reach out to the Lost as well.

Pastors who are interested in receiving a sample tract and Medical Records Organizer may send their mailing information to us via email. We look forward to working with you.

- Christi Tillis   

The Medical Records Organizer

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Cancer is all-consuming. Any sense of order in your life is blown apart by a whirlwind of appointments, tests, procedures, and surgeries. Then, there's the waiting, the speculation, and uncertainty. There is so much to do, to remember, to fill out, to coordinate, and to organize, and the last thing on a cancer patient's mind is meticulous attention to detail.

In the middle of my cancer treatment, I assembled a notebook designed to hold all of my medical information - everything was filed neatly into my organizer. It made the clutter and chaos more manageable and it gave me a small sense of control during a time when I felt utterly helpless.


When a friend was diagnosed, I assembled a notebook for her. Then, a lady in my prayer group needed one. Notebook by notebook, I tweaked and reformatted until I had something I could give to another cancer patient that was actually useful... far more valuable than a prayer shawl.

The Medical Records Organizer is a great help to someone recently diagnosed with cancer. It stores medical information, phone numbers, test results, medication lists, notes, questions, resources, and appointment information. It also includes help for the patient's spiritual needs, including a place for journaling prayers, a list of comforting, inspirational scripture, and a clear presentation of the Gospel message.

The cancer tract

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In September, I delivered a Medical Records Organizer to a pastor's wife, Christy Carringer, who had recently been diagnosed with cancer.


In conversation, she told my husband and I about the difficulty she had witnessing effectively to patients in a cancer ward. Traditional gospel tracts that asked, "If you died today?" seemed so insensitive. Christy and her husband, Pastor Rex Carringer, challenged us to write a tract of our own.


Written directly to a reader who is caught in the storms of life, this brief tract speaks to the question, Why is this happening to me? And, just like a cancer cell, the hidden reality of sin is exposed and the need for Jesus Christ is clearly explained using scripture from the Authorized King James Bible.

If you are interested in obtaining a Medical Records Organizer or Cancer Tracts, please contact us.

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