church Invitations & tracts

Church invitations are a dime a dozen, the typical invite, which may catch someone's attention, but far to often is cast aside. You may notice that some of these invitations may seem provocative and peculiar compared to the typical church invitation. Our newest designs come from the philosophy; "Love me or hate me. But don't ignore me." 

If you are a like-minded New Testament, Bible-Believing Church, and would like any of these invites with your information on them for your church please contact us.


Gospel videos have been around a long time. But in the world in which we live today, the average adult has an attention span of only eight seconds. Therefore, you must capture their attention from the beginning. Now, in the age of social media, 85% of videos are first watched with no sound. That means if your video is not visually engaging with text on screen, it will be scrolled past. That is the goal of our sixty-second gospel videos. They're short, visually engaging, and the gospel is clearly represented with kinetic text. More videos are to come.

Is Jesus the Only Way
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If you are a like-minded New Testament, Bible-Believing Church, and would like this video with your church information at the end, please contact us.

like-minded churches

There is a church on every corner of every city across the United States and worldwide. But just because a building has the title "Baptist Church" doesn't necessarily mean anything in the day that we live in. This is a list of like-minded, bible-believing churches that we know and trust.

foundations video series

This video series we have produced plainly lays out the "Foundations" of Suncoast Baptist Church. Whether you're a seasoned Christian, newly saved, or just new to the Church, these videos will help your walk with Jesus Christ and personal growth as a Christian.